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  • LaTeX and Posters

    Posted on May 14th, 2010 wt8008 No comments

    I needed to produce a poster for my project and of course I could not stay away from LaTeX for this job. A package I chose to use was sciposter, it has some standard poster sizes built in (no help for us in the USA), and typically it is used with the multicol environment. The rest works just like normal LaTeX, except you document is now limited to a column. Some other classes allows more flexible placement and uses many minipages to layout the poster.

    A quick template for sciposter

    % Page size commands for dvips, pspdf converters
    % Tri-fold poster board size
    % Prevent dvips making document upside down
    \special{! TeXDict begin /landplus90{true}store end} 
    \title{Sciposter Template}
    % Content Here

    The custom option to the class allows you to define your own custom paper size in a file `papercustom.cfg’ here is mines

    % file papercustom.cfg, M.H.F. Wilkinson
    % custom paper support
    % for sciposter.cls v1.10 and higher
    % edit pointsize, width, height, and fontsize parameters as needed
    % DO ensure that values in the \special commands match!

    Of course everything is explained in the documentation, so take a look at that for more detail at CTAN.

    For printing the poster, use poster(1)

    sudo aptitude install poster

    It will take in a postscript file and split the file up with overlapping areas to help you put the pages back together. Make sure you read and understand the poster assembly instructions in the man page for the proper way of putting it together. Suggested usage:

    poster -v -p48x36i infile.ps > outfile.ps