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  • KDE4 Ambience Theme in Ubuntu for KDE Applications

    Posted on November 21st, 2010 wt8008 No comments

    I have been running Ubuntu 10.04 and wanted to configure the appearance of KDE applications to match the Ambience theme in Ubuntu. Luckily, there are some built-in themes which helps with the configuration.

    First use the KDE 4 System Settings Center to change the Appearance of the KDE widgets, colors, icons, and fonts. The system settings center is located in the systemsettings-kde4 package. (If not already installed.) Run

    $ systemsettings

    to start up the configuration program. Select “Appearance” (or “Application Appearance”) to change KDE applications widget style, colors, icons, and fonts.

    1. Style
    2. Choose the “GTK+” widget style from the drop down menu. This will match the style of the progress bars, buttons, slider bars, drop down menus, etc. to the Gnome style.

    3. Colors
    4. The metallic color scheme of KDE4 can be changed here. You can import the file that I modified from KDE-look. (See References for original creator.) The colors roughly match, but may not exactly match.

    5. Icons
    6. Select “Ubuntu-Mono-Dark” icon theme to match the Ubuntu standard icons.

    7. Fonts
    8. Change the font settings here to match the font settings that were chosen in Ubuntu. If the font size number does not match the KDE application font size, you may need to use the “Force fonts DPI” option. You can see your current font settings in System->Preference->Appearance and the fonts tab.

    With these settings your KDE4 applications should fit in nicely with the Gnome based desktop!

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