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  • cups-pdf Printer Margins Issue

    Posted on May 4th, 2009 wt8008 No comments

    I needed a way to print to pdf from a wine application. Typically the Gnome printing system has a pdf printer that I can use. I run micro-cap, a spice program for homework and prelab work for my analog filters course. I installed the cups-pdf package in the repositories, and it seemed to work great. After I sent the pdf to the printer, I found out that cups-pdf prints all the way to the edge. When I print the results out, the edge gets cut off by my printer. To remedy this issue, I went to see the PPD file for the printer in

    /etc/cups/ppd/<pdf-printer name>.ppd

    . The line that reads

    *ImageableArea Letter/US Letter: "0 0 612 792"

    sets the allowable printable area. I changed that line to

    *ImageableArea Letter/US Letter: "18 12 594 780"

    the numbers were from my laser printers ppd file.

    If you use A4 sized paper, change the corresponding line, and proper values for A4 paper.

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