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  • VPS Trim Down Memory Usage

    Posted on August 8th, 2011 wt8008 No comments

    This post is meant to be a list of todo items when setting up a VPS with low memory. It is not designed to be accurate or complete, just some notes and observations.

    • lighttpd – web server replacement for apache, configure home directory sites and additional domains.
    • mysql – disable innodb, which is the cause of most of the memory usage, and use conservative configurations to save memory. Newer versions of mysql do not have bdb option, so it is not necessary to disable it.
    • dropbear – ssh server to replace openssh, add as start up service. Each ssh connection spawns a new process, so the memory savings adds up.
    • php – limit to 1 process and a small handful of threads. I use 1 process and 4 children.
    • bind9 – disable this process, it is not necessary
    • postfix – install a smaller mail server