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  • List of RSS Feeds on my Google Reader

    Posted on July 19th, 2011 wt8008 No comments

    Edit: As of 7/2/2013 Google Reader has been shutdown. I have migrated to Feedly for now.

    What is on your Google Reader? I have way too many subscriptions on my Google Reader and cannot rigorously read each item. Google Reader is web-based RSS feed aggregation, for those who have not heard of RSS, you are missing out. If you subscribe to a particular website feeds, then when the site pushes out a new update, it will show up as a new item in Google Reader. Now, if you like to visit many sites for to read new articles, you can visit Google Reader in place of visiting each site individually. It is a time saver and waster.

    I originally used Google Reader to put in blogs and sites that I rarely visit, since there were a large number of sites that I was semi-interested in that did not require a daily visit. Now it is my main source for reading blog and news posts, since it is convenient to only visit Google Reader. Here are some of the sites that I currently subscribe to.


    • IEEE Spectrum Online – IEEE members should already know about this, bringing news related to the broad discipline of electrical engineering.
    • Electronic Design – industry news, magazine
    • EE Times – industry news, magazine
    • Electronics Blog – showcases links to other places of people’s DIY projects or to introduce new parts
    • SparkFun Electronics – DIY/hobbyist electronics site for parts, started up a few years ago from University of Colorado students. I follow the feed on the home page for new product announcements and user’s projects.
    • bunnie’s blog – the monthly Name that Ware series is always a brain teaser, where a cropped out photo is shown for readers to guess what it is from


    • Slashdot – “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”, I don’t need to explain this one. With a broad audience, sometimes news from here is overlapped from the other sites.
    • Omg! Ubuntu! – Ubuntu Linux related posts, usually orientated towards users for customization
    • Terminally Incoherent – random posts about movies, games, IT stories
    • Rickipedia – slow to update, more information on industry used Linux distros


    • xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. A must read, if you can figure the comic out (hint: see the xkcd forums).


    • The Finance Buff – the blog authors various observations and investigations to items involving money and finance
    • Money:GTL – no update in half a year, not sure if the author is going to keep up with the postings


    • mustangdaily.net – Cal Poly student newspaper
    • Cal Coast News – local news for California Central Coast communities
    • Serious Eats – food based blog with many interesting topics beyond just recipes such as food policy, news, and laboratory experiments
    • Incorrect Basketball Knowledge – Podcasts on sports that I mean to listen to one day, but not have yet

    These links are directly to the sites, you will have to dig around and look for the orange RSS icon for each site to get the feed URL.

    I do have a few more, but the list is getting too long. The amount of effort it put in to read each one varies due to the volume of new posts everyday.