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  • Moving out

    Posted on June 17th, 2007 wt8008 No comments

    I’m moving out tomorrow afternoon, across the street to my summer housing. I’m going to be like the only one in SLO. xD Well… we will see who is around. I’m doing the 8 week session because of CPE103, hopefully summer won’t be a big rush, so I don’t get burned out for fall. I will only be taking 8 units. Summer school starts on Thursday, kind of weird isn’t it, and my RELG307 class got canceled already so then I actually only have two hours of class. I’m planning right now to just go to SLO then 2 hours later go home, then take the bus back on Sunday or Monday.

    My roommates are gone, the apartment is really quiet. 😛 The only one that is left is the exchange student from Nanjing, and his flight from LAX to Pudong is Tuesday afternoon. Kind of weird to want everything to end when you are over your head with stuff to do, and when it is all over you find you don’t mind it that much.

    I’ll see what happens next year, since I’ll be changing roommates and stuff. My other current roommate is going to exchange to China. Next, year we better do cleaning more daily, it is impossible to clean to stove!

    Time to sleep now, I need to finish packing before my folks arrive.