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  • Brother HL-2040 under Mepis 6

    Posted on November 25th, 2006 wt8008 No comments

    I got my new (refurbished) laser printer from Fry’s to work in Linux. =D Apparently Brother does support Linux even though it’s not on the box or in the manual (maybe I didn’t look hard enough). I got it working by installing two deb packages (<3 packages) from the Brother Site. I got the LPR driver and the cupswrapper driver on my system, with the printer connected via USB. The all similar command for installing debs did the trick

    dpkg -i filename.deb

    Using CUPS via the KDE Print manager my system detected the printer thru USB, and I was able to select the correct driver for Brother printers. At least I got this to work instead of totally failing with the KonicaMinolta magicolor 2400W.

    UPDATE(12/06): There are alignment issues with the driver. Using the HL-2040 from Brother, I used the alignmargin program to print a test page, and somewhat made it better. The HL-2060 driver which is in the which is in the Foomatic package (see LinuxPrinting.org) allows me to almost perfectly center the margins for my printer. I need to use my printer more with both drivers to test the output. The only thing I have noted is that the HL-2060 does not allow for printing at the HQ1200 resolution, but using the HL-2040 driver from Brother works with HQ1200.

  • Home… for Thanksgiving

    Posted on November 21st, 2006 wt8008 No comments

    Yeah I am at home finally, much thanks to Steven for driving me back and dropping me off at home before driving back to Campbell. I am also amazed that this site still works, since it has been down a lot these few days. I was also too busy to care these past few days with midterms. Now to “relax” at home by getting ahead on homework, assignments, and studying… yeah right like thats going to happen, 😛 but this time I brought my textbooks and notes home, so I better put those materials to good use since it was heavy!

  • Argghh…

    Posted on November 9th, 2006 wt8008 No comments

    Thanks Sam for reminding me of all the midterms I/we will have on the Friday~Monday before Thanksgiving. I first knew about the EE328 on on Monday, then I got word for EE306 on Friday, and then Sam told me about STAT350 will be on the same Monday. Finally, today I found out CSC141 midterm will occur either on the Monday before Thanksgiving or the Monday after Thanksgiving. It better be on the Monday after, or else I’m going to do so bad from cramming. Now, I wonder when my Chinese midterm is, but I don’t need to worry about that. xD Someone please make me study this weekend. xPPPP

  • Finally… catch up time

    Posted on November 1st, 2006 wt8008 No comments

    After wasting so much time studying for my midterms, yet not enough, it is now time to catch up. I finally have taken a midterm in every class execpt Chinese, but no worries about that, and I can see where I’m at. I just did CSC141 and EE306 homework, and I so need to go back and redo them correctly, while learning instead of just rushing through them. I need to try to read the EE306 textbook too.

    hm.. tomorrow… must do EE346 prelab and review for Chinese midterm. The rest of this week seems good, but next week is xD who knows what will happen, at least there are no midterms.

    Next Week:
    Monday: STAT 350, EE 328 HW due
    Weds: EE306, FORL101

    From a quick glance it seems like this weekend I maybe able to catch up. /me feels better now.

    Time to update the time on my blog to DST. Thanks to redson in #cplug for reminding me.
    EDIT: I just found a nice plugin that handles this. 🙂