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  • Update: Books

    Posted on January 12th, 2005 wt8008 No comments

    The last two of my texts finally came in. No more waiting now.

  • Winter 2005 Books

    Posted on January 4th, 2005 wt8008 No comments

    Costs so far:
    Fiction 20.75 Campus (U)
    Physics Lab Manual 5.50 Campus
    Tax 1.91
    Norton Reader 35 Meet (U)
    English Handout 3.75 Campus (New, no used)
    EE Text 40 Ebay Int’l Recieved
    EE WB 3.94 Recieved
    Writers Reference 35.26 Recieved

    Bookstore Prices: All Used Prices, unless otherwise noted.
    EE Text Used 67.50
    EE WB Used 12.75
    English Handout 3.75 (New, no used)
    Fiction 20.75
    Writers Reference 35.75
    Norton Reader 36.00
    Physics Lab Manual 5.50 (New)
    Sub Total: 182.00
    10% Off if Reserved Online – 18.2
    Tax: 11.89
    Toal: 175.69

    This quarter it seems that I was able to save 30.45 bucks but certain books were only a few bucks off from the bookstore price. Seems like if I am able to reserve my books early to get the 10% off and if I only get used books it comes close. I could always return the new ones or any that I can find a better deal on. Time is also a factor since I used express shipping on some of the orders. Some books I ended up buying at the bookstore, and others I tried to buy from other students. As I think back I think I over paid for the Norton Reader considering the water damage and the writing that is in it. Next time around I’ll be more careful!

  • Costs of Books for Fall 2004

    Posted on January 3rd, 2005 wt8008 No comments

    Since I’m now going crazy hunting everywhere for cheaper used books than the bookstore, I thought I should total up how much I spent last quarter (fall 2004). So far seems like buying direct from other students is cheaper than buying them off half.com or other sites.


    After selling some books off I think I got about $58 bucks back. 🙁

  • Happy New Year

    Posted on January 1st, 2005 wt8008 2 comments

    The old year has passed and now we are the new year. The holiday season is finally over and you have ONLY 359 days or so to do your Christmas shopping so you better get a head start this year! Our gears are now shifted back into work mode. It is now for the annual New Years Resolution where we make unreachable goals only so we can forget about them and break them, so why bother making them. Lets just hope for a better 2005.