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  • AP Test Count Down

    Posted on April 20th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    Start of AP Testing Week: 13 Days :O.

    AP Stats: 14 Days
    AP Calc: 15 Days
    AP Chem: 22 Days

    Time is going to pass by fast now, before I know it we will be in the Commons room at school taking the AP test. Reading the questions then drawing a big blank :P. I’m just worried about AP Chem. I am going to be taking Stats and Chem, I didn’t bother signing up for French. If I pass Chem with a 4 or 5, with my current major I could get out of all of my Chem classes in college at Cal Poly SLO which is two quarters. With a 3 I get out of 1 quarter, and of course anything lower means I get to take Chem again. Stats doesn’t get me out of anything since I need to take Stats for engineers which I’m guessing involes calculus, but taking this lower class would help me understand the higher class. At Cal Poly engineers do not need any foreign language so passing French would just get me credit, but I don’t do so well with French. Now, I’m just trying to focus on AP Chemistry because of the reward I can get out of passing it.

  • Cal Poly SLO Visit

    Posted on April 16th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    Today, I went to Cal Poly SLO. The drive was about 3 hours south on 101. Left around 9 and got there around 11:30. I came home a little after 4 and arrive home around 7. The campus was ok, and I visited some of the labs in the engineering department. Saw some equiptment that was used to do a water lab to see how water would react to a dam. For lunch I got a free soda, grandma’s cookies, apple, turkey sandwitch, and a bag of chips. Some students, alumi, and teachers from the Civil and Envriomental engineers were at the meething where they introduced us to the programs on campus and some of their experinces. What got tossed around a bit thoughout the day was “5 years” from people. Parts of the campus will hilly, and I think there were like bicycles compared to UC Davis, the only other 4 year university I really visited. I visited the dorms at Tenaya which was the dorm with mostly engineering students. It was one of the redbrick dorms since the building was made out of bricks. The dorm had a rec center with pool, ping pong, and a TV, and there was also a study area. There was one kitchen, and the kitchen was bigger than the one I saw at Davis. The dorms cannot have a mircowave or hot plate, etc. but there was a mircowave on each floor for everyone to use. There is landary either on all floors or just one. Forgot the information about the bathrooms, but after like a while people will figure out when to use them at non peak times so there isn’t a traffic jam. This was the samething I heard at UCD. From a student at Cal Poly, and some seachers online people said the school was really white.