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  • Chemistry Homework

    Posted on January 30th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    Read/Try to understand Chapter 11 and Work on Packet

    From Arpan: Okay I will split it up with everyone, and you do your own part the best you can by Monday, than in class we just pass the packets around. Do the actual work, DO NOT BS.

    Michael 1 – 4
    Arpan 5 – 8
    Wilson 9 – 12
    John 13 – 16
    Jeevan 17 – 20
    Vernie 20 – 23

    Reminder: We must work on Beer’s Law Lab on Sunday at 6 PM.

    Try to understand your section so you can teach the other’s the part when we don’t get them.

    Leave a comment if you have any questions

  • Next Upgrade

    Posted on January 30th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    500 MHz P3 => Duron 1 GHz
    13GHz HD
    128 MB => 512 MB

    Only my comptuer to go…

  • Upgraded Computer

    Posted on January 29th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    1.0 GHz and onboard video
    512 MB SDRAM
    40 GB HD

    ECS K7VTA3 v.8.0c and 1.6 GHz Duron $40
    Reused H/S Vocano 5 (Brought a $8 h/s to replace the one taken so we can reuse the old computer)
    Best Data Gforce 2 MX 400 $28 (returned so $2 discount and a/r ($10))
    512 MB DDR PC2100 RAM $0 😀
    40 GB HD

    Items For upgrading my computer:
    AMD XP 2200+
    Need RAM and Mobo

    My current Comp: 550 MHz, 384 MB

  • Beer’s Law Lab Results

    Posted on January 28th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    Lab Results

    Our data for the lab. This is the data with the yellow filter.

  • Fill in Blanks for Chem Test

    Posted on January 28th, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    *Removed due to length*

    If you find typo’s or something wrong make sure you leave a comment or IM me.

    Correct your test on another sheet of paper with the correct answer and explain why the answer is correct.

  • Homework

    Posted on January 27th, 2004 wt8008 2 comments

    p 501 #45, 47, 51, 53, 59, 61

    WT8008 (22:22:01): phase diagrams
    WT8008 (22:22:04): simple cell unit
    WT8008 (22:22:09): polarity (and those bonding forces)

  • Google

    Posted on January 22nd, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    Google and Chinese New Year


  • Homework

    Posted on January 22nd, 2004 wt8008 1 comment

    Finsh worksheets/study guide
    Work on lab questions

    p. 441 #8.1, 8.2 p. 445 #8.3-8.8

  • Computer Parts

    Posted on January 22nd, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    CPU AMD XP 2200+ 1.8 GHz
    RAM Kingston 512 MB 2100(?)
    Fan rated for CPU’s up to 1 GHz… but cheap….
    MiniATX case
    Bad video card

    To go

  • Chinese New Year

    Posted on January 21st, 2004 wt8008 No comments

    It was New Year in China this morning at 8 AM. If you were watching CCTV you could see the show on it. I think it would be replayed tonight on channel 26.

    Some phrases:
    xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4 – san1 nin4 faai3 lok6

    gong xi fa cai – gong hei fat choi

    $$$ for me… college is expensive I would be able to afford 2 more pages in a book.