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  • Las Vegas Trip

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    I went to Las Vegas the week before Christmas, maybe I’ll put up some pictures, later. xD

  • Summer Asia Tour 2005

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    If you want to see PHOTOS ask me personally.

    I. June 23 – June 30 Tour of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Suzhou
    II. June 30 – July 6 Shunde, China Grandparents place
    III.  July 6 – July 7 Hong Kong stayed at vaction home on mom’s side of family.
    IV. July 7 – July 12 Tour of Thailand including Bangkok, and Pattaya.
    V. July 12 – July 14 Stayed at my uncles place in Bangkok
    VI. July 15 – July 17 Stayed at Hong Kong with dad’s cousin.
    VII. July 17 – July 28 Went back to mainland in Shunde.

    I. Tour of China
    June 23:
    Long flight from the United States to Beijing with a transfer in Icheon, Korea. It was a 12 hour flight to Korea and another 1hr 30mins to Beijing. First time I rode in an airplane, but now after flying all over the place long distance become tiring. When we arrived in the Beijing airport we found some other ppl from the tour group, and no one knew what to do, luckily when we pushed our luggage out after passing customs someone was waving a flag for our tour. Since there was no event planned for that day we slept from getting no sleep on the airplane, and just walked around the hotel.

    June 24:
    Today was another free day and we ended up going to the Beijing zoo. The zoo is supposed to be the biggest in China, and obviously we can’t miss out on the pandas. Once you enter the zoo to see the pandas you need to buy another ticket, unless you get the more expensive ticket that includes the panda viewing. It was hot and humid, but at least it was kinda cloudy. We did lots of walking and were quiet tired at the end of the day even though we just got there.

    June 25:
    The fun begins where we have to wake up at 6:30 am. eeekkkk… We went to the Temple of Heaven where we saw Heavenly Center Stone (天心石) where the empoer prays to the gods for good weather etc. There was also the Echo Wall there where you can speak and a person standing across the way can hear you. I didn’t have the chance to try that.
    Next we left for Tiananmen Square (天安门广场) and saw the place where you always see in pictures. The picture of Mao Zedong on the gate, and also the buildings surrounding the square like the Peoples Hall, Mao Zedong’s Tomb, and some museme. We entered Forbidden City (紫禁城) which is inside the capital of ancient China. I could see the real buildings of all those places I see in the ancient series. xP We viewed the emporors throne, but it was reatlive dark inside so you couldn’t see much. Also all the old artifacts have been moved to Thailand, so all items that weren’t buildings are not orgional.
    The Summer Palace (颐和园)
    This is the famous where money was diverted from China’s army to be used for the Summer Palace where the emporer can spend his time in a cooler place. I didn’t find the temperature to be that low, it was still hot and humid. The Summer Palace contained the worlds longest corridor which was very beautifully decordated with paintings on the beams and the roof. Since we were walking quiet quickly I didn’t have much time to sit and look at them.

    June 26
    Today the weather was rainy, perfect weather for visiting the Ming Dynastay Tombs (明朝十三陵). The tomb was quiet large and it took forever to walk down into it, since it was 27 m below the surface. Amazing contruction of the tomb considering the technology they had back then. The items inside the tomb are not origonal since those were destoryed during the Cultral Revolution.
    Next we went to the Great Wall (长城), the section that was by Beijing. We had about 2 hours there and climbed up to the 4th tower on the easy side. Some parts were quiet steep and there weren’t any steps for you to walk on, other parts were made like stairs, but you still have to becareful if some rocks were missing or broken. “不到长城非好汉” -毛泽东 xP

    June 27
    Spent almost all day traveling. A 1hr 30min flight from Beijing to Shanghai, then after we get there we have to wait 2 hours for the other group of people. The tour couldn’t fit all 31 of us on one flight so they had to split it. At least I got my first taste of McDonals I got some spicky chicken burger. I noticed how the amount and the size of the fries are smaller. It was also strange how they have more service at McD, since you don’t throw your trash away and you just leave it on the table. After everyone meets up it was 4 PM so then we headed for Wuxi(无锡)  and got there at 7:30 PM and ate dinner. After dinner we checked into our hotel and that was the whole day of doing nothing.

    June 28
    Wake up call at 6 am… getting earlier. We are in Wuxi, which means “no tin.” Wuxi used to be a city that had a large supply of tin so it was called Youxi for “have tin.” Since they ran out of tin 24 years ago, the citys name was changed. First thing we visit is Taihu Lake (太湖). Locals raise fresh water osyters here so they brought us to a peral shop. They brought us to other places where they just try to sell you things, but I didn’t menthon them all.
    Fun how we just visited one place and then head for Suzhou (苏州). Visited Hanshan Temple (寒山寺). We visited the Humble Administrators Garden, which was pervious a private garden in China for a high ranking offical. The story goes that due to a mistake in fengshui he ruined his fortune. I forgot the details by now. Tiger Hill??? when we were rushed though since the weather turned bad all of a sudden, and we have heavy downpours.
    Another long bus ride to Hangzhou (杭州) to end the day.

    June 29
    Visit Lin Yin Temple, General Yue Fei’s Mausoleum, and cruise on West Lake. Bus ride back to Shanghai. We also visited a Tea House that sold green tea. I like it how on the English itinearly they left out all the places where they take you shopping at certain stores.

    June 30
    Half free day, then take plane to Guangzhou. We walked around in the morning around the hotel didn’t find much, and we ended up eatting instant noodles for lunch.

    IV. Tour of Thailand including Bangkok, and Pattaya.
    Overall the tour of Thailand wasn’t as great as the trip to China. The trip was much more cheapers, so we stayed in cheaper hotels, but most of the places we visited didn’t really interest me. We went to Dreamworld an amusement park, the beach, a show, and a private zoo. We also went to lots of shopping places where it was obviously for tourist groups (Ruby factor, animal skin products, Imperial honey). I would say the beach was nice, the clear water, hot weather and sun, and the sand was clean. The zoo was mostly boring, and much smaller than the one in Beijing. We got to eat crocodile meat at lunch though. 😛 First time I went to saw one of those shows in Thailand. All I have to say is look at the pictures I took. xD

    Southern China
    I got to see all the realtives on my mom side of the family that I don’t know. I also saw the realtives on my grandfather’s side of the family, which I am still confused about. We had two dinners, and that was it. I wouldn’t know them if I passed them on the street. It was great to see my mom’s and my grandmothers hometown in Shunde. Their place was right across from 顺山风公园. My grandparents live on the 3rd floor which was not so bad considering I lived on the 3rd floor in the dorms, but if you wanted to climb up to the top floor it would get really tiring. Also, the 7th floor of the building was empty. In the new structures no one was willing to buy the top floor because of how hot it would get. The expensive AC bill if they can afford to buy one or the fun of lasting though all that heat. We almost always had the AC on because of the heat wave. It is hot and humid, almost over 30* C (86 F)  everyday, and unlike here in the Bay Area where it cools down dramaticly at night, in Shunde it is still live an oven. It is humid too so it is very sticky.
    In China I was able to see how their society is modern and unmodern. There are Western style malls and supermarkets, and down the street you see many outdoor restaurants. They have large shoping centers where people can buy small spots to put up a store. It seemed like a more advanced version of our local flea market. Everywhere in Shunde and all over the major cities in China you can see construction. If you look into the horizon, you can see tall skyscrappers and cranes.
    The amount of fake products in China is amazing, and I’m not just talking about music, and movies. Watch out where you buy that bottled water from, maybe they took a recyled container and filled it up with tap water, which you aren’t supposed to drink in China. I saw a new report on TV about this on GDTV. Also in the news fake salt, and my grandma had personal experience with fake eggs. So much fake stuff 😛
    Food in China is cheap and good, just watch out where you go to eat, but we don’t have that problem since we know locals. Getting there by taxi may take extra work, since many out of provincer’s drive the taxis and don’t know where they are going. Taxi’s in Shunde start at 5 yuan and jump every so often.

    Hong Kong
    The first time I was in Hong Kong I didn’t do much, most of the day was spent traveling, we took a boat from Shunde. Then from the Hong Kong port we directly went over to my mom’s uncle?
    诊所 where my mom saw the doctor from being sick (my mom still has a bit of a cough.) Then we went to their vacation house in Tsuen Wan (荃湾), I belive their 诊所 is in Tuen Mun (屯门). At their vaction house, you can see the two bridges that connects to the island with the airport. At night when all the lights are on, it is quiet a sight. If you look down from the balcony you can see the beach and ocean waters. After one night I went to Thailand.
    After comming back we went from the Hong Kong airport to Hong Kong Island. We went to live with my dad’s cousin, and he said that their place was more realistic of what the average house in Hong Kong looks like. They lived on the 10th floor, with 3 small bed rooms. The two bedrooms I was in were smaller than my dorm room at Cal Poly. The good news was that they had cable internet =D. We only stayed for a few days but that was when I got the 512 MB MP3 player for 390 HKD. We also had dinner with some more people, which I didn’t know. My dad showed me around HK for a day, going to the peak, and around Victoria Harbour. At Tsim Sha Tsui, we went to the Avenue of Stars, which was the Eastern verison of the walk of fame. We also took lots of picture across the harbour back onto Hong Kong Island.

  • Last 2 weeks of the Trip

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    I will be in Shunde for 11 days and prob will not be going online when I am there. I am likely visiting Panyu and possibly other cities around the area.

    I return 7/28/2005 USA Date and leave on the same HK Date.